An editorial line for this B2B Blog

A blog is a media, peer-to-peer media, and needs an editorial concept combining a programmed focus with spontaneous reactions to relevant events. In line with the goals and concept of Marketing Lighthouse which is to promote a modern approach to Marketing & Sales, I am starting series of posts on the following topics;

  • Some marketing myths and why you should (sometime) ignore them
  • Business ecosystem and influence-focused marketing
  • Global Account Management Reloaded

Marketing myth: the world of business in general and the world of marketing in particular are full of commonly accepted ideas which, very often, are simply wrong. The main reason is because the context is not properly taken into account. In this series of posts, I will comment on a few of them.

Business ecosystem and influence focused marketing; Apart from supporting the company’s offering definition, the overall goal of marketing, especially in B2B is to orchestrate a dialogue between an organisation and all the constituencies of its business ecosystem. This series of posts will discuss why this approach is required and how to implement it in companies of any size.

Global Account Management Reloaded: for almost all companies with global operations, expanding their business with global clients is THE growth opportunity. Reality shows that, for most companies, it is not so easy to grab. This series will discuss how a holistic approach to managing business with International and Global Accounts rather than a pure sales process approach can help organizations raise up top the challenge and leverage the opportunity.

The first posts will start very soon. Stay tune!

A propos de Olivier Riviere
Je suis spécialiste des Stratégies et Tactiques d'Influence appliquées au Marketing et au Commercial. J'ai une longue expérience de manager, dirigeant puis consultant dans des domaines tels que le Marketing B2B, l'efficacité commerciale, la vente de solution et la prescription et la gestion des comptes clés. Européen convaincu, je vis à Munich et Paris et opère dans toute l'Europe.