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Why I am not on Facebook (so far)

This post is the first one of a new category on this blog “Against the Stream”. In Business in general and especially in Marketing, there is a lot of (over-)hype. The Against the Stream posts are a modest contribution to invite others to behave as free minds and question pre-formatted statements and opinions.

I pretend to be a B2Bmarketer, and a business consultant who helps companies build their Go To Market strategy and system. Many marketers tell me I should be on Facebook, as a sign of my credibility. Although I can follow their thinking, I simply disagree and do not intend to be on Facebook, at least not in the short-term. Why? Because for my business and for my clients business I believe it is currently simply not strategic!  In order to explain, I prefer to talk about somebody else.

Recently, I met a very successful Internet Consultant operating in France, Germany, and across Western-Europe with a small team and a network of partners. He showed me very impressive projects done for B2B and B2C clients across many industries.  This gentleman is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter and, per his own judgment, his company has a very poor web site. Despite this, his consultancy is extremely successful. They talk business and Internet-based business to a very well defined audience; business owners. “Selling” consist in networking with founders and managers of small to medium-size companies, being relevant to them in a carefully selected context, and leveraging achievements to generate recommendations and referrals. Success comes from a clever engagement with the business ecosystem and delivering high-impact solutions. This is the definition of marketing, especially in B2B.

Of course, this team of Internet Consultants monitors carefully what is happening on Facebook and Twitter and how these platforms are used by some companies in a B2B space. However, at this stage, this is just one area for monitoring, among many others. There is currently neither any complexity nor any outstanding impact in Facebook B2B activities that justifies to do more. High impact, both for this company and for their clients, come from other areas and that is where they put their focus.

So, with this in mind, I do not plan to open a Facebook or Twitter account, and will keep focusing my time on other things. However, I am paranoid not to miss anything big. So, I’ll never say never … and keep monitor what’s going on from the distance..

In the meanwhile, what I like the most about Facebook is Julian Smith’s video “25 things I hate about Facebook”. Go and check on YouTube; it is simply hilarious!

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Je suis spécialiste des Stratégies et Tactiques d'Influence appliquées au Marketing et au Commercial. J'ai une longue expérience de manager, dirigeant puis consultant dans des domaines tels que le Marketing B2B, l'efficacité commerciale, la vente de solution et la prescription et la gestion des comptes clés. Européen convaincu, je vis à Munich et Paris et opère dans toute l'Europe.