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Is social media BS? Yes, if ……No, if …..

Hallelujah! Eventually it happened, a blog post on social media being BS (well BS is a politically correct form of another not so correct expression meaning “false and banal statement”)

The HubSpot Blog is a really good source of intelligent content on marketing. In his last post, Mike Volpe, in 7 short statements puts social media back where it belongs: a tool which does not change the need of getting the fundamentals of business and of marketing right. Mike’s message, supported by a good (and not too long) slide set is about integrating social media into a coherent mix of outbound marketing tactics.

All of this sounds obvious. However, the current madness on social media – including sometime from people who have a name in the industry – gives the impression that realism does not always prevail.

My favourite statements in Mike’s short post is that the transformation of marketing started before social media appeared. It is so true!

Pushing Mike’s idea, I would even claim that web 2.0 tools are more the result of an evolution than its cause. Web 2.0 tools have been created because in many advanced companies, people have a different way to drive an organization and to do business. Therefore web 2.0 tools are a result of a new way to work, not a cause. An idea to develop in future posts.

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