Le management de la Mise en Marché B2B


Hallelujah! Eventually it happened, a blog post on social media being BS (well BS is a politically correct form of another not so correct expression meaning “false and banal statement”) The HubSpot Blog is a really good source of intelligent content on marketing. In his last post, Mike Volpe, in 7 short statements puts social media back where it belongs: a tool which does not change the need of getting the fundamentals of business and of marketing right.


A good white paper on modern branding

Minter Dial and Eric Mellet from The Myndset Company have recently published a very interesting white paper on how modern brand management can only be taken as a global way of managing the company. Although the thinking behind the modern concept of global branding has been known by (good) specialists for a while, Minter and Eric make it come to life very nicely in the current social and economic context. The key ideas can be summarized as follows; • The


Why I am not on Facebook (so far)

This post is the first one of a new category on this blog “Against the Stream”. In Business in general and especially in Marketing, there is a lot of (over-)hype. The Against the Stream posts are a modest contribution to invite others to behave as free minds and question pre-formatted statements and opinions. I pretend to be a B2Bmarketer, and a business consultant who helps companies build their Go To Market strategy and system. Many marketers tell me I should be


Global versus International SMBs

A few weeks ago, I was part of a team facilitating an informal discussion on what it means to be a global company and a multicultural manager (I will come back on the later in future posts). We raised the question of what differentiates a global company from an international company. Not surprisingly, a consensus rapidly appeared that being global means sharing resources and initiatives across borders. Of course the example of large corporations creating shared services centres in countries