Bienvenue sur ce nouveau blog dédié au Marketing B2B Il ne s’agit pas d’un blog pour parler de techniques 2.0 quelconques. il en faut, mais il y en a déjà beaucoup (trop ?). Un blog consacré au management de la mise en marché Mes intentions sont différentes. Je veux « parler » de marketing B2B en positionnant ce sujet au niveau de la stratégie d’une entreprise et de sa mise en œuvre. Je veux parler de la conception du système marketing et de


Global versus International SMBs

A few weeks ago, I was part of a team facilitating an informal discussion on what it means to be a global company and a multicultural manager (I will come back on the later in future posts). We raised the question of what differentiates a global company from an international company. Not surprisingly, a consensus rapidly appeared that being global means sharing resources and initiatives across borders. Of course the example of large corporations creating shared services centres in countries


A blog is a media, peer-to-peer media, and needs an editorial concept combining a programmed focus with spontaneous reactions to relevant events. In line with the goals and concept of Marketing Lighthouse which is to promote a modern approach to Marketing & Sales, I am starting series of posts on the following topics; Some marketing myths and why you should (sometime) ignore them Business ecosystem and influence-focused marketing Global Account Management Reloaded Marketing myth: the world of business in general and the world of