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Global versus International SMBs

A few weeks ago, I was part of a team facilitating an informal discussion on what it means to be a global company and a multicultural manager (I will come back on the later in future posts). We raised the question of what differentiates a global company from an international company. Not surprisingly, a consensus rapidly appeared that being global means sharing resources and initiatives across borders. Of course the example of large corporations creating shared services centres in countries


Welcome to the Marketing Lighthouse Blog, a new blog on Marketing! Is this about one more blog talking about how consumers are different, about going Digital, Web 2.0, with may be a pinch of Enterprise 2.0 and Change Management? Well not really. My intentions are quite different; • First, this blog will focus on B2B • Second, this blog will focus on the management of marketing and of global sales, not so much on the specifics of the utilization of specific techniques (there will